tonica pop features

tonica fugata pop’s main features

Music features
  • Pop and Jazz harmonics
  • Chord symbols according to Berkeley Standard (C#7, G maj7 etc.)
  • Pop music accompanying styles
  • Harmonization rhythm can be selected (eighth to whole notes)
  • Tempo and instruments can be selected
  • Melody voice can be selected: Each of the four voices can be melody voice
  • Voice duplication (for example in third distance)
General features
  • Midi import & export and CapXML import and export
  • Note entry with mouse, mouse piano, keyboard or Real Time Entry and Step Entry of melodies via your Midi keyboard
  • Undo and Redo; multiple steps possible
  • Zoom function for monitor
  • PDF manual
  • Direct interface to capella: View your composition in capella with one mouse click
  • Supports the capella-tune technology

There are two YouTube videos that explain what tonica pop can do for you:
An intoduction to tonica pop
Further work with tonica pop