tonica start’s features

tonica start’s main features

tonica start is a comprehensive harmony tool able to create up to 8 parts and with a choice of 12 different instrumentations. The main difference between tonica start and tonica fugata is that fugata can create fugue and canon settings. Load a melody in capella, MIDI or MusicXML format and tonica start will then produce the harmonization automatically to your specification.

Music features
  • Multi-part score for a given melody
  • Automatic determination of important sections of the melody (phrases)
  • Melody voice is selectable: Any voice can be the melody voice
  • Harmonization styles from baroque to modern style (Jazz/Pop)
  • Chord symbols (C#7, Gmaj7 etc.)
  • Harmonization rhythm can be selected
  • Tempo can be selected
  • Instrumentation can be selected from 12 templates, up to 8 voices
General features
  • CapXML import and export
  • MusicXML import and export
  • MIDI import
  • PDF export
  • “Wizard” design: Get to the result step by step
  • Undo and Redo; multiple steps possible
  • Direct interface to capella: View your composition in capella with one mouse click, but capella is not required
  • Supports the capella-tune technology