tonica overview

The foremost software worldwide for automatic compositions, canons, fugues

notes-in-handYou know what it’s like:

** An hour to go until choir practice. You had intended to compose a four-part harmony for your choir to sing…
** Composition homework or tricky analysis? tonica fugata does this work for you in a matter of seconds!

the solution is tonica fugata. It has a number of different features to help composition:

  • harmonizes melodies into  3 and 4 parts
  • creates complete canons from melodies
  • creates fugues from any length of meoldic theme
  • analyses your harmonies with any of four harmonic systems: Roman Numeral, Function analysis, Chord Theory and Jazz chords

tonica fugata use sophisticed neural network techniques and artificial intelligence to ‘learn’ composers styles and can then recreate original harmonies in that style. For Rock, pop and Jazz muscians there is a specialist version, tonica pop, aimed at creating modern harmonies in these styles.

Chorale and four part harmony

You compose the melody of a song, hymn, piece of music, canon or fugue and tonica fugata does the rest.

In this example we have entered a chorale melody [play] and fugata has created the full chorale [play]. Of course you can also compose a prelude, canon, jazz standard or fugue. Try it out with the demo version!

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Create the fugue you want with the fugue construction kit. You can set any form scheme. Ideal for beginners; via the connection between notation and the fugue construction kit you will see the fugue’s architecture in clear graphics – like a house with floors and rooms. For example enter the melody of the “Kum Ba Ya” gospel [play] and fugata will create a fugue around it [play].


What do you want – a three or four-voice canon? Choose baroque style, romantic style or jazz style. Canon variations for instrumental groups are no problem at all.

The melody is in the soprano, the alto enters as reversion, the tenor regularly, and the bass as canon cancrizans. No other software comes near this!

Jazz harmonies

Being a jazz musician you are probably not interested in avoiding consecutive fifths and octaves, but you need Sus chords, Maj7 chords and much more. tonica fugata has a complete jazz engine to allow for specific chords and harmonic changes. Your jazz compositions will sound truly authentic.

Listen to an initial fugata jazz harmonization [play] and then one re-worked using riffs etc. again by fugata [play].

Harmonic analysis

Evaluating your own compositions is easy! The program has been designed to tell you whether you have added the right notes to the chord in the four-parts, whether you have put the accidentals in the right places and whether you have created forbidden consecutives or other mistakes while composing your chords. If you want to evaluate one of your practice harmonies, all you have to do is create two windows, one containing your work and the other with the file created by tonica fugata – it couldn’t be easier! Parallel fifths and octaves are automatically displayed in the notation. Chord analysis is carried out in the evaluation window.



Your analysis assistant. Just imagine, you are faced with a complicated analysis of a piece of musical notation and you are unsure as to whether a chord is a shortened dominant seven nine chord or just an extended sub-dominant triad. tonica fugata will take care of all your doubts at the click of a mouse. tonica fugata is also able to precisely analyse complete scores, which contain no function or level indicators, based on a tonal centre.

fugata chord description thumbnail window. So if you ever wanted to know just what you or others have created, before you proudly present it to an unsuspecting public, or if you ever wanted to sneak a look at the masters, then tonica fugata’s analysis function is the ideal tool for you.

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