Scripts can automate editing and add features not in the standard program.

Over a hundred scripts are now available for capella. Most of them have been written by customers to make very specific jobs much quicker and easier than using capella’s general purpose menus and functions.

We have put the scripts into a single zipped file. Download this and unzip to a folder on your PC. You can then copy some or all to the scripts folder found under DOCUMENTS/CAPELLA/SCRIPTS/USER-SCRIPTS. Click here to download scripts.  The only extra you will need is the PDF manual for the scripts which you can view and download by clicking here. There is a brief list of what we think are the more interesting scripts below. Please look at the PDF manual for a more complete list and description of what they do. Click here to view or download the scripts manual.

The scripts have been written by German customers and we have translated most of them. Some were very specialised and we did not feel we knew enough about the instrument being written to make a good enough job of the translation. These scripts are nonetheless included because we felt them to be potentially very useful to customers who play these or similar instruments. If you play instruments such as accordians you will probably be able to use the scripts in German.

Examples of the areas covered:


  • <Guitar tab> The script produces tablature staves below notation staves. You can specify the number of strings and a wide range of open string settings. You can also edit the letters and numbers on the resulting tab.
  • <Harmonica tablature> This produces the tablature for diatonic, chromatic and tremolo harmonicas from capella notation.
  • <Lute tablature>
  • <ClubOrgan> and <Ziach> are both scripts to produce tablatures for types of button accordion. We are out of our depth here, so they have been left in German! If you understand the accordion you should be able to use them. I am sure the script authors will provide further advice.

Fingering etc.

  • <Fingering>
  • <Figured bass>
  • <Letters and numbers> A simple way to add letters and numbers in any font. They can be framed if required.


There are scripts to remove awkward areas of capella such as beaming over rests or starting a triplet group with a rest. One script <LayoutFix> is particularly useful, as it will rearrange the score in one of a range of standard styles if the layout gets out of shape after lots of editing. Other scripts will reset all the markings on the score to standard positions or change the fonts used for specified categories of item on the score.


Scripts are available to expand SATB to individual staves, expand chords to separate staves, compress separate voices to chords, extract lyrics from under notes to text boxes, adjust stems to clear lines of lyrics, and show the vocal range of staves.

File import and export

<abc2cap.exe> This is the only non script in the set. It allows you to import abc format music files into capella.