program downloads

You can download the programs to try them and buy them from here

The software below works in trial form and converts to the full system when you enter your licence number. When licensed it needs to be activated within 30 days or it will return to a trial version requiring you to enter your licence again.
Your licence never expires, so if you change PCs and have a discontinued version  (and don’t wish to upgrade 🙁 ), please email us for a download link to discontinued versions.
Click on the links under Version for a history of changes and improvements to the software.

To get the best out of the software set  it to download updates. Click on help and online updates to choose the settings for this.
Mac versions are shown in red.

All downloads are functional except for minor
omissions such as partially restricted saving or printing.
Click on version No. for history
capella 8 (Windows) 121 MB
capella 8 (Mac) 102 MB
capella-start . Almost all the features of capella but limited
to 4 staves, 2 voices per stave and 100 bars. (Windows) 110MB
capella-start . Almost all the features of capella but limited
to 4 staves, 2 voices per stave and 100 bars. (Mac) 98MB
capella reader  –A free reader to view and print capella files. (Windows) 81MB
capella reader  –A free reader to view and print capella files (Mac) 78MB
capella mobile and tablet apps–free Android and Apple apps to view and playback capella files Android
capella-scan — convert sheet &PDF music to capella & MusicXML(Windows) 135MB
capella-scan — convert sheet &PDF music to capella & MusicXML (Mac) 135MB
capella-scan & play — an inexpensive way to scan and play printed scores 8.0-25.0 25MB
capella playAlong 41MB
tonica fugata –harmonizes and also creates canons and fugues (Windows) 120MB
tonica fugata –harmonizes and also creates canons and fugues (Mac) 105MB
tonica start— harmonizing in a modern ‘pop’ music style 115MB
capriccio MIDI sequencer 3.1-34a 47MB
capella melody trainer voice and intrument training software (Windows) 54MB
capella melody trainer voice and instrument training software (Mac) 63MB
capella customer scripts.
Download, unzip and copy those you want to: documents/capella/scripts/. See capella help/contents/using plugins
 PDF format script guide   guide
pdfFactory converts any of your
documents to PDF format
pdfFactory Standard 6MB
pdfFactory Professional includes overlays, bookmarks, text
pdfFactory Professional 6MB
FinePrint enhanced printing for booklets, doublesided and
Installing or removing capella
Installing capella 8 for the first time If you accept the defaults capella will install under the heading ‘capella software’. The intention is that capella-scan etc. will also be under this main heading. Therefore, after installation, when you click on Start and Programs you should look for the capella software heading and not for capella 8.
Upgrading to capella 8 and removing the old version
After installing capella 8 you will have two entries on your list of programs – the old capella and this new capella 8. You can uninstall the old version by clicking on the entry in Program Files. You will then see an option to uninstall as well as to start the program. Alternatively you can go into Add/Remove Programs under Windows Control Panel and do the same.
Note Uninstalling capella does not remove any of your music files that you have created with capella. However we would always recommend that you back these up first, as I am sure you have learnt that with computers nothing can be guaranteed! Uninstalling the old version can in some circumstance remove the music font. If this happens, re-install capella 8. Usually your web browser will give you the choice to Run or Save the program. Run will download our installation program to a temporary folder creaed by the browser. The browser will then run the install module in our software and after our software is installed the browser will ‘tidy up’ by removing the downloaded installation program. The software will be installed, but should you wish to re-install the software you will need to download it again. If you choose to Save the program the install module will be saved to the folder that you select and you must then Run the installation program. The simplest way to Run the installation is to double click on it.
Printing and emailing scores
To print your music You can specify any stave size and re-order the pages for double sided printing from within capella. To easily produce booklets, rescale between paper sizes and combine lots of separate scores into a book, please look at the  FinePrint. FinePrint is a universal printer driver that will enhance the printing capability of all your software – not just capella. It provides a simple way to print in booklet form, double sided, and with watermarks or revised gutters and margins. You can also combine documents at the moment of printing into sets and add new page numbers and headers/footers to pull the  separate documents together into a single publication.
To email or publish on the internet. Please look at pdfFactory it provides a simple way to convert scores to PDF files which anyone can then read and print. pdfFactory also gives you the flexibility to allow people to see, but not print or copy the  score.