melody trainer overview

singingMelody Trainer is available for Windows and Mac computers.

Melody trainer lets you load any capella or MIDI file and use it as a tune to sing along to and to compare the accuracy of your performance. It is for singing and all instruments where you have to create the pitch. You will see on the example screen below the track of someone singing along to Amazing Grace. The pink bars behind the notes show you the correct pitch and duration of the note and the blue line the vocal accuracy.

Your personal music teacher

Melody Trainer listens to your rehearsing, shows quietly but uncompromisingly how accurately you are singing or playing… Isn’t this the teacher you always dreamed of?
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 Click here for a  YouTube video of the benfits of Melody trainer and here for an overview of using melody trainer.

For singers and instrumentalists

All musicians strive for exact intonation. Wind players, string players and singers need to know before their next rehearsal or lesson how they are doing – are they improving, have they corrected the problem from the last lesson?

In “free practising mode” for example, you work on intervals and scales. capella melody trainer also supports transposing instruments.

Benefits of the melody trainer method.

  • Unique sound magnifier. With the sound magnifier (mouse mode) you can mercilessly analyse each single note. Was it slightly sharp or a little flat? You can hear and see every detail.
  • Practise with your own scores. Load the music to be practised (Midi or capella file) and start rehearsing. capella melody trainer will give you immediate and accurate feedback of your performance accuracy.
  • Playback. If your file contains accompanying voices, these will be played back in any desired volume and timbre. This way you can perfom your solo as in Karaoke.
  • Musical freedom. You can create any music you want in capella or you can import existing scores. You don’t have to take the example scores that come with the software and you are not restricted to buying scores in specific formats for the software. Simply take any capella or Midi file or any printed or PDF file you scanned in capellascan. This way you have an almost unlimited selection of scores at your disposal.

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