Free App for mobile phones

Available for Andoid and Apple IOS

This free app lets you open capella (.cap and .capx ), Music XML and MIDI files on your phone or tablet. You can then read the score or hear it. With a tablet size display you also have the option of using the App to create an electronic music stand. In addition you can modify the score by extracting parts, creating new scores with specific intruments and voices.

The App contains a video tutorial which is very simple to follow as the App commands are done by touching the screen – which suits a visual help video.

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When you open the App you can:

Read the score
Play back any combination of instruments
Share the score with a simple click on the ‘Share’ button
Extract parts to a new score by clicking on the check box by each voice

Reading a score

You can flip through the pages by swiping with a finger. To maximize the clarity of the score if you rotate the phone to horizontal so that it shows a complete line of music you can then swipe left or right to move a system (line of music) at a time rather than page at a time. You can also put thumbnail pages at the bottom of the screen to facilitate navigating the score.

Playing back the score

Each instrument on the score is listed with a check box. Any combination of instruments can be ticked for playback. You can also change the tempo.

Sharing the score

Click the Share button and you will get the familiar range of options that are on your phone: text messages, WhatsApp, One drive , Gmail etc. You can share the score as either a capella score or a PDF score that anyone can open – the App converts it for you.

Part Extraction

Selecting Voice extraction lists all the instruments/voices in the score and you can tick all the voices you want to open in a new score. You can reselect any voices at any time.