capella-scan features

capella-scan can be used to capture scores for any notation software
Most notation programs will read MIDI and MusicXMl format. capella-scan can turn pages into capella, MIDI or MusicXML format. capella will both import and export in MusicXML so you can both create scores and rearrange them and then pass them out to users of other software.
Features include:
  • No score size restrictions You can scan in all the pages and they will be recognized and combined into a single score.
  • It only takes 2 or 3 seconds to convert most pages of music. Uses mathematical morphology technology for lightning-fast and precise recognition of notes, accidentals, keys, bar lines, slurs, ties, repeat boxes, crescendo signs, dynamics, articulation signs etc.
  • Recognizes small and large notes (cue notes, grace notes, normal notes), as well as small and large staves (as found in accompanists’ scores, for example)
  • Recognizes text: lyrics, title, headers, footers, musical symbols (f, p, cresc. etc.) and links them to notes as appropriate
  • Recognizes chord symbols: transfers chord symbols as transposable objects to capella for automatic transposition when the score is transposed
  • Recognizes ties, slurs, musical symbols etc.
  • Positions recognized notes directly onto the scanned sheet music in bright green so that errors in recognition can be easily spotted
  • Captures the score’s layout so that capella can reproduce the layout
  • Integrated player: plays back the recognised image so that you hear immediately if something is not as is should be.
  • Offers intelligent and intuitive help for the error correction process
  • Excellent voice management system, even for very complex sheet music
  • Graphic import: BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF. As well as scanning in pages of score you can import bitmap files. You don’t have to have a scanner if you can source your files as bitmaps or PDFs.
  • PDF and PostScript import: capture scores from the internet. You will need to install the free Ghostscript program to use this option.
  • MIDI export: capella-scan can be used in conjunction with all MIDI-compatible music programs, not just capella
  • Infinitely variable zoom function for lightning-fast navigation
  • Works with all common scanners and can read music scanned elsewhere and saved in bitmap or PDF format.
  • To edit you simply click on the incorrect object and a floating pallet of appropriate possible corrections will appear. Drag and drop the required correction with the mouse.
  • Ties are distinguished from slurs and playback is correct in capella.