capella-scan hardware requirements

Minimum system configuration in order to use capella-scan you need:

  • Windows 10,8, or 7. MacOS (from 10.10)
  • Screen resolution of at least 800×600 pixel and 16 bit colour depth (HiColor).
  • At least 120 MB free disk space, or 150 MB if you use the CodeMeter version
  • Mouse or similar pointing device
  • Scanner or digital camera for scanning in the music
Recommended Additions

If you simply want to playback recognized music you can use capella-scan as stand-alone software. For further processing of the music you need one of the following programs:

  • capella version 2002 to 2008, Version 7 or newer. Thanks to the direct interface to version 7, music saved in capella-scan can automatically be opened and displayed in capella
  • A MIDI compatible music notation or sequencer program. Please keep in mind that the MIDI format only contains the basic notes. All information about layout, accidentals, slurs, brackets etc. is lost.
  • A music notation program that can import MusicXML files