capella reader

capella reader is a free program that will display, play back, print and export to PDF format. free trial version. The first option on the Help menu is a very good video introduction that I recommend you to watch.

Features of capella reader include:

Open any capella, MusicXML or MIDI score and scroll through it in a range of ways. You can pull down or across a page and see the new page uncover while still being able to see the old as if you were pealing the page over. If you are playing back the music the score scolls smoothly. If you have a touch screen you can push and pull the pages as you would the real ones.

Extract any of the parts. Tick parts and the score will appear with just the ticked parts. This extracted score can then be printed or exported as a PDF.

Play back any or all the parts. capella reader 8 also includes SoundFont technology. This gives greatly improved intrument fidelity. Like in capella 8 you have full control over how dynamics, articulations etc. are played


If you are in a choir or ensemble members can be emailed the complete score and/or appropriately extracted parts. They can download the free reader ( or use the mobile app) to hear it or print it out to perform it.

You can take it anywhere. capella reader can be installed on a USB stick. Simply select the USB stick as installation directory. Now you can take the stick along and start capella reader on any computer via the *.exe file. You don't need to install anything on a colleagues PC.