capella-playalong overview

listening to musiccapella playAlong is designed to simplify the creation of sound files fom sheet music. It can read capella, MusicXML and MIDI files and produce MP3s or audio CDs. It can recognize the playing instructions that it comes across in capella and MusicXML files so that the finished audio file has the tempo, dynamic, articulation etc. that is specified in the score.

take your own accompanist or choir home with you…
…or play every solo to a large orchestral accompaniment with capella playAlong!
With capella playAlong 3 you are able to:

capella playAlong provides a simple step driven method of turning your capella scores (or any MIDI or MusicXML scores) into audio tracks that can be played by anyone on their HiFi equipment or an MP3 player. You can hear your compositions, even if they are full orchestral pieces.
There are many uses based upon the following areas:

  • let others hear your compositions performed
  • create backing tracks that people can practice with – or just have fun playing along!
  • provide examples of how pieces should be played
  • provide teaching materials to improve pupils’ aural skills
  • produce sound tracks for plays
Sound quality

The final sound quality is not necessarily dependent on your soundcard. If you have a good one you can use it. If you have a basic one you can use capella playAlong’s built in synthesizer. This gives reasonably good quality results and works very fast – a few seconds per minute of playback. Your soundcard works in real time, i.e. it takes one minute per minute of playback. If you want the very best sound there is full integration of sample players (VST and DXi), and special support for capella Vienna orchestra.

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