capella playAlong hardware requirements

To use capella playAlong you need Windows 10,8,7, Vista or Windows XP.

Minimum requirements:

  • A Multimedia PC with as high a clock speed as possible and at least 2 GB of memory. capella playAlong is a real-time application and therefore a powerful computer is of great benefit.
  • A large enough hard disk to accommodate Wave files.
  • A high quality soundcard, although the built in TiMidity synthesizer produces good results.
  • A CD burner, although you can create MP3s or send the final Wave files elsewhere for burning.
Optimal requirements. The following will further improve your experience with play-Along:
  • A soundcard with completely separate input and output areas, or a further soundcard (possibly external with USB). Make sure that ASIO drivers are supplied with the soundcard.
  • A VST Sample player as well as a sound library for an improved sound quality (the capella Vienna Orchestra is recommended).