capella overview

Hand with pen and music sheet

capella 8 has all the power you need to produce large complex orchestral scores, yet is easy enough to use within minutes of installing it. For the new user there is a score wizard that creates a complete score framework ready for you to enter the notes.

  • It will import and export in MusicXML format meaning you can exchange scores with non capella users
  • If you do piano or scores with no more than 4 staves and 2 voices per stave you may find the inexpensive capella start sufficient.
  • A free capella reader and mobile app means  non capella users can view, print and play capella scores.
Professional quality notation

capella main window

capella8 produces printed scores as easily as producing a document in a word processor. If you feel comfortable using a PC for general office tasks you will be able to produce complete scores within hours of first using the software. There are two versions of capella: capella8 is the full professional version capable of handling all the tasks required by professional composers yet still easy enough for the amateur or occasional user. capella start is a reduced price version with all the key features required for score writing but is limited to 4 staves per line of music and two voices per stave.

Entering music.
  • You can type the notes in through the PC keyboard using the keys A to G. The process is very easy to pick up and can be very quick.
  • You can click notes onto the stave with the mouse
  • You can play the notes in from a MIDI keyboard
  • You can capture the music from printed scores if you have the additional capella-scan program. You can capture printed scores either opening PDFs and bitmap images of scores or scanning the printed pages with your scanner.
Changing the score
  • Transpose individual instruments, passages or the whole score
  • Change the layout. The automatic layout is perfectly acceptable for most situations, but often you may want to create more convenient page turns, increase the stave size or revise the number of bars across the page.
  • Extract parts
  • Add text and images
Share the score with others
  • Save the score in capella format and friends and collegues can use the free capella reader (see Downloads page) to view, print or hear the score.
  • Save the score in MusicXML format and users of other notation programs can open the score. You do not need the same software to share your scores with friends. The layout/appearance will remain as you designed it.
  • Save the score in PDF format that anyone can view and print.
  • Save the score as an MP3 file and anyone can listen to it on their PC or phone. The sound font technology and the recognition of performance markings in the score provides very realistic playback.
  • Save the score in MIDI and anyone with a PC can listen to it and use a sequencer to make their own performance of the score.
Add-on software for printing and distributing scores
  • The FinePrint program will enhance the printing options of capella. While capella will let you select to print alternate pages as a means to double side print on non duplex printers, FinePrint will do much more. Send the score to FinePrint and you will be able to double side, print in booklet layout, revise margins and gutters and overlay watermarks and any other text or graphics. It is easy to produce a concert program merged from word processed, graphic designed and capella score produced pages.
  • The pdfFactory program will incorporate capella scores into multi source PDF documents including setting viewing permissions. For example view but not print or copy from, protecting your intellectual property.

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