Capella mobile and tablet app FAQs

Capella mobile and tablet app FAQs

How to get a score to the device? There are several options:

  • Send an e-Mail with the score as an attachment. Switch to your mail app and tap the attachment. It will then be opened in capella reader. See the section below on email for more details.
  • Use a cloud service of your choice, for example Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox, to file your score. Switch to the cloud app on your device and tap the score, it will then be opened in capella reader.
  • Connect your device USB with a desktop computer and save your scores to the personal „capellaReader“ directory (see above) – or to another directory of your choice. Select OPEN SCORE in the reader, navigate to the corresponding directory and tap the score.
  • You can also download scores from the Internet by using the browser app of your device.

How to open and share scores?

capella reader file menu

In the reader, use the More button (three dots or an icon with 3 lines) on the top right. You will then get the window shown

on the right.

  • With the four buttons on the left side you can navigate in the file system of your device:
  • The Arrow back button navigates one level higher.
  • The Home button navigates to your personal „capellaReader“ directory on the device
  • The 3D Parcel button displays the provided examples.
  • With the More button (three dots) you have the option to open scores from other places such as downloads, SD card or from other areas, for example cloud services (OneDrive). A window will open for you to navigate to other folders.

How to open and share scores via email?

Opening a score from an email is the most simple and flexible. Using this method not only can you open it but you can email the score to a friend / colleague who can open it by installing the app on his phone or tablet.

  • Attach the score to an email and mail it to yourself or your colleagues.
  • Open the email on your phone and click on the attachment. Your phone will ask you what you want to open it with, and will show you a list of apps that it thinks appropriate. If capella is not on that list you can usually find it by “Use a different app”.
  • The circle icon top right with 3 lines opens the list of options for the open score including share with someone else as a capella score or PDF .