capella modules

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Hand with pen and music sheetcapella* covers editing, arranging and printing of scores to create publication quality results. In addition you can import and export MusicXML, so if your publisher or friends work with other music software you can still exchange fully formatted scores. You can also save scores as MP3 files playable on PCs and phones. Click here for a detailed description.

capella-start* is the cut-down version of the full capella. You can have up to 4 staves per line of music and up to 2 voices per stave.

music scannercapella-scan rapid editing of printed and PDF sheet music. Converts sheet music and PDF scores into capella, MusicXML and MIDI. In a few seconds per page it is the quickest way to import sheet music into any MusicXML compatible software. Click here for a detailed description.

singingcapella melody trainer* is a personal trainer for singers and instrumentalists. Melody trainer shows you how accurate your singing or playing is against the score. You can use any capella or MIDI scores. Click here for details.

notes-in-handtonica fugata* is a unique and fun composition aid. It can be used in three ways. 1. Enter a melody and tonica fugata will compose a muscal and technically correct three or four part harmonization. 2. Enter the melody for a musical theme and tonica fugata will produce a full length canon or fugue. 3. Ask tonica fugata for an analysis of all the harmonies in an existing work. See technical errors before others do! Click here for a detailed description.

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‘*’ programs are available in Windows and Mac versions. All other programs are currently Windows only.